SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with solution

SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with solution

SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the Blanks / Filler with solution

Hello everyone, here you will get SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper with explanation. There were total 86 questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 exam held in the month of Aug 2017. You can also attempt free SSC online quiz on our website.

5-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q.1.The higher you climb, the more difficult it _____ to breathe.
1) became
2) becomes
3) has become
4) is becoming
Correct Answer: becomes
Explanation:-Structure: the + comparative adjective + clause + the + comparative adjective + clause – to show proportionate increase or decrease.
Both the clauses should be in the same tense
Use simple present tense in the second clause – becomes (singular verb), as the subject “It” is singular.

Q.2. Neha has been crying _____ morning.
1) from
2) of
3) since
4) till
Correct Answer: since
Explanation :- Present perfect continuous tense structure- subject + has/have + been + verb-ing + object + since/for + time
Ex – He has been working at this company since march.
uses of since -Since gives the starting point of actions, events etc. It refers to when things began.
Since 5 p.m./ 6th January/ 2006/ 10 O’clock/ morning/ Monday /noon etc.
The correct answer should be since

Q.3.The employee did not _____ to the argument of the manager.
1) precede
2) exceed
3) concede
4) recede
Correct Answer: 3) concede
Explanation :- precede -बेहतर होना, पूर्व में होना; exceed – बढ़ना; concede – स्वीकार करना; recede – पीछे हटना

Q.4. He was sworn _____ as the Prime Minister of our country.
1) in
2) of
3) about
4) out
Correct Answer:1) in
Explanation :- Swear in – Take an oath to hold a public office, verb forms –swear, swore,sworn.
Ex: – They swore her in as mayor.
He was sworn in as president.
To make this sentence meaningful use preposition “in”.

6-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q.5.Rituals play into the __________ understandings of a society.
1) tactfully
2) tacit
3) taciturn
4) tacitly
Correct Answer: 2) tacit
Explanation :- tactfully- व्‍यवहार-कुशलता से, tacit – अनकहा / निःशब्द, taciturn- अल्पभाषी, tacitly – मौन रूप से
Correct answer should be adjective tacit (modifier ) for the noun Understandings to give the sentence correct meaning.

Q.6. Repetition bred a sense of _____________ with the characters.
1) familiarity
2) familiar
3) familiarly
4) familiarise
Correct Answer: 1) familiarity
Explanation :- familiarity (noun) – घनिष्ठ परिचय, familiar (adj)– परिचित, familiarly(adv) – घनिष्ठतापूर्वक, familiarise (v) – परिचय कराना
In this sentence we need a noun to add with “sense of “, The correct answer should be noun “familiarity” to make the sentence meaningful.

Q.7. I sensed the __________ of the argument.
1) beautiful
2) beautifully
3) beauty
4) beautification
Correct Answer: beauty
Explanation :- the noun + of + the noun
The correct answer should be beauty(noun) – the beauty (noun)+ of + the argument (noun)
(beautiful – adj, beautifully – adv., beautification – noun (सौंदर्यीकरण )

Q.8.The beans are _____________ turned to avoid burning.
1) constant
2) constants
3) constantly
4) constantedly
Correct Answer: constantly
Explanation :- constantly (adv) means continually , regularly. To modify verb turned we need an adverb , the correct answer should be adverb constantly
To satisfy the sentence.

8-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q.9. Fourteen kilometres ______ not a short distance, to reach to my office daily.
1) are
2) has
3) have
4) is
Correct Answer: 4) is
Explanation :- Plural units of measurement, time and money take singular verbs.
Example – Ten kilometres is a long distance.
Forty dollars is too much to pay for that dress.
The correct answer should be “is”.

Q.10. Good reading ______ the sense of liberal educated mind.
1) beliefs
2) leads
3) reflects
4) starts
Correct Answer: reflects
Explanation :- reflects – दर्शाता है.

Q.11.He _____ to the problem of air pollution in his speech.
1) averted
2) adverted
3) exclaimed
4) mentioned
Correct Answer: adverted
Explanation :- avert – रोक देना, advert – ध्यान दिलाना, exclaimed – कहा, mentioned – उल्लेख किया
Phrasal verb “advert to” means to mention something / Refer to in speaking or writing.
Example – I have already adverted to the woman empowerment.

Q.12. Rohan is so magnanimous that everyone is always _____ to help him in his project.
1) eager
2) enthusiastic
3) reluctant
4) ignorant
Correct Answer: eager
Explanation :- “eager to” means strongly wanting to do or have something.
Example – She is very eager to meet you.
(magnanimous – उदार , enthusiastic (adj)- उत्साही , reluctant (adj)- अनिच्छुक, ignorant (adj) -अनजान )

Q.13. My sister’s marriage passed _____ peacefully.
1) away
2) by
3) off
4) out
Correct Answer: off
Explanation :- To pass away is to die., to pass by means to miss an opportunity., pass off means happen or be concluded in a satisfactory way.
Pass out means to become unconscious.
Correct answer should be pass off , ex – The weekend had passed off entirely without any incident.

Q.14. There are _____ books on computer science in your school library, so you need to purchase them from the market.
1) a few
2) a little
3) few
4) the few
Correct Answer: few
Explanation :- The word “Few” is used for countable noun and the word “little” for uncountable noun.
Few – almost not , A few – some , The few – not many, but all of those.
In this sentence there is a need to purchase books that means there are few books
The correct answer should be “few”.

9-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q.15.Don’t loiter _____ the corridor.
1) around
2) off
3) of
4) At
Correct Answer: around
Explanation :- Idiom “loiter around” means to idle somewhere; to hang around.
Example – The kids were loitering around the park.

Q.16 I will scold him when _____.
1) he will come
2) he comes
3) he would come
4) he had come.
Correct Answer: he comes
Explanation :- connective prepositions – after , before , while , when , as soon as , as long as , until , as , by the time , once etc.
The main clause may be in simple present / future tense but the clause starting with connective preposition , should be in simple present tense.
Example – We go out for shopping when we get together.
We will go out for shopping when we get together.
Correct answer should be “he comes”

Q.17 He could excel in his board exams only after _____ very hard.
1) continuing
2) functioning
3) learning
4) Toiling
Correct Answer: toiling
Explanation :- Toil – To labour continuously

Q . 18. He _____ his camera on the table.
1) laid
2) lain
3) lay
4) lie
Correct Answer: laid
Explanation – lain –अन्य; lay – रखना; lie – झूठ; laid – Simpe past form of verb ‘lay’
Simple past tense sentence structure -subject + second form of verb (Simpe past form of verb)
1) If
2) Till
3) Until
4) Unless
Correct Answer: Unless
Explanation – “until” and “unless” may be used as preposition or conjunction with negative meaning ; use “unless” when the condition is set ,ex – He will not lend you money unless you give him security.
Until is used up to the particular time ,ex – Until I complete my homework please do not disturb me.
In this sentence the precondition is set, so the correct answer should be “unless”.

Q .20.Corruption is a standing hindrance _____ the nation’s development.
1) of
2) over
3) to
4) up on
Correct Answer: to
Explanation – Phrasal verb “hindrance to” means something that makes it more difficult for you to do or to develop something.
Example – Scarcity of good books is a hindrance to the preparation of competitive examinations.
The correct answer should be preposition “to”.

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10-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q .21. God is _____.
1) immanent
2) mortal
3) imminent
4) deference
Correct Answer: immanent
Examination – immanent – निरंतर, व्याप्त , अंतर्यामी ; mortal – नाशवान, imminent – निकटस्थ, deference – सम्मान;
Examination – ‘God is immanent in creation’.

Q.22. Riya _____ her matriculation examination in 2016.
1) completed
2) passed
3) obtained
4) gathered
Correct Answer: passed
Explanation :- Examination is passed not completed/ obtained/ gathered ,for example – She passed the examination with flying colors.

Q .23.The elephant stampeded and tore _____ the streets.
1) on
2) out
3) off
4) down
Correct Answer: down
Example – Tear down – If you tear something down, you destroy it or remove it completely.
Example – They are going to tear down the old hospital and build a new one.
(Stampede – पशुओं की आकस्मिक भगदड़)

Q .24. _____ the rain stopped, the concert had to be suspended.
1) Until
2) Unless
3) Till
4) while
Correct Answer: Until
Example –Uses of unless – used for saying that if something does not happen, something else will happen.
Example -He can’t get a job unless he has experience .
till and until – up to the point in time or the event mentioned.
difference – 1.“ Till” is not used to start a sentence; “until” is can be used to start a sentence.
2.“Until” is used in situations where one event is dependent on another event.
We use “while” to mean during the time . Ex – Priyanka came into the room while he was waiting.
Here the correct uses should be until.

Q.25. Keith has _____ with a failure in English examination thrice.
1) caught
2) gone
3) got
4) met
Correct Answer: met
Explanation – “Meet with success or failure” means to succeed or fail.
Example – Their efforts to save the party have met with a little success.
His attempt to get a job met with failure.
The correct answer should be- has + past participle ( met )

Q .26. The manager was _____ an explanation of his conduct.
1) called for
2) called off
3) called to
4) called up
Correct Answer: called for- publicly ask for or demand.

Q 27. Virat Kohli added another feather _____ his cap by his wonderful performance in the one day match.
1) In
2) to
3) into
4) on
Correct Answer: In
Explanation – Idiom A feather in one’s cap” means A symbol of honour and achievement.
Example – It was a feather in his cap to be successful in his effort to get a job.
The correct answer should be “in”.

Q .28. Only when _____ failed, the army resorted to force.
1) efforts
2) arrests
3) persuasions
4) manipulations
Correct Answer: persuasions
Explanation – Effort – प्रयास, arrest – गिरफ्तारी, persuasion – समझाना-बुझाना , manipulations – हेरफेर करना
( resorted to force means force करने का सहारा लिया )
The correct answer should be “persuasions”.

Q. 29. John as well as his friends always _____ the permission of his mother before going for a rugby match.
1) asks
2) receives
3) seeks
4) Soughts
Correct Answer: seeks
Explanation :- seek permission/approval means to ask for permission / approval.
Example -You must first seek permission before publishing his article.
The correct answer should be “seeks”.

Q. 30. My sister unlike my brothers __________ to have a career in Engineering.
1) wants
2) want
3) wish
4) Aspire
Correct Answer: wants
Explanation – When connectors Like ‘as well as..‘ along with..’ ‘together with..’, ‘unlike..‘etc Connect two Nouns the verb form used should be according to the first noun
as the first noun “my sister” is singular the verb must be in singular form, singular verb “wants” is the correct answer.

Q .31. It is mainly due to Peter’s lethargy that the plan fell _____.
1) off
2) through
3) in
4) Out
Correct Answer: through
Explanation :- phrasal verb “fall off” means to become fewer in number or less in amount .
“Fall through” means not happen as planned, be unsuccessful.
Ex – Our plans fell through at the last minute.
“Fall in” means collapse
“Fall out” means argue or quarrel with someone.

Q .32 Mother shall return _____ an hour.
1) in
2) After
3) during
4) within
Correct Answer: within

12-August-2017 SSC CGL 2017 Fill in the blanks solved paper
Q.33. My father did not approve ______ the plan of travelling to Uttarakhand because of bad weather there.
1) of
2) one
3) to
4) With
Correct Answer: of
Explanation :- Phrasal verb “approve of” means to agree with or support someone or something.
Example – I don’t approve of your bad manners.
The correct answer should be “of”.

Q .34. I settled ______ Canada last year.
1) at
2) in
3) off
4) On
Correct Answer: in
Explanation – settle / live in – for large place (country, continent etc.) , ex – I plan to settle / live in Australia.
settle / live at – for comparatively small place (town, village etc) , ex – She has joined a coaching for SSC at Laxmi Nagar
Canada is large place ,the preposition is in to be used with it.

Q . 35. His father _____ him up in a construction business.
1) built
2) hold
3) keep
4) Set
Correct Answer: set
Explanation :- phrasal verb “set up something/someone in something” means to establish.
Example – His father set him up in the family business.

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