SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase with hindi meaning

SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase with hindi meaning

Total 85 Questions
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 05-08-2017] Q. 01. To keep the wolf from the door
1) Avoid starvation
2) Crack the deal
3) Entry prohibited
4) Have a pleasant tour
Correct Answer: Avoid starvation
Explanation :- किसी तरह से गुज़ारा करना, भुखमरी से बचना.
Ex- I don’t earn a lot of money, just enough to keep the wolf from the door.
SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase
Q.02. Teething problems
1) Oral problems
2) Problems at the start of a new project
3) Problems for quite a long time in adjusting in the new place
4) Problem of having good dentist
Correct Answer: (2)
Explanation :- शुरुआती समस्याएं
Ex- There may be some teething problems as we have started a new business.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 05-08-2017] Q.03. Mealy-mouthed
2) Soft-spoken
3) Enthusiastic
4) Depressed
Correct Answer: Soft-spoken
Explanation :- चापलूस , बात को टालने वाला
(Ill-tempered दुष्ट. Soft-spoken- चापलूस .)
Ex- Mealy-mouthed people are not trustworthy.
SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 05-08-2017
Q.04. By fits and starts
1) Occasionally
2) Totally
3) Finally
4) Irregularly
Correct Answer: Irregularly
Explanation :- अनियमित रूप से
Ex- He worked on this project by fits and starts.
SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017
Q .5. Rat race
1) Make others fight for scraps and get sadistic pleasure out of it
2) Be an oppressive boss and treat employees like animals
3) A way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power
4) Play games with the lives of other people and see them run aimlessly
Correct Answer : (3)
Explanation :- चूहा दौड़, जीवन का एक तरीका जिसमें लोगों को धन या शक्ति के लिए भारी प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक संघर्ष में पाया जाता है.
Ex- He decided to get out of the rat race.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017] Q .6. Spin one’s wheels
1) Keep bragging about oneself
2) Try your luck
3) Expel much effort for little or no gain
4) Start a long journey
Correct Answer: (3)
Explanation :- कम लाभ के लिए बहुत प्रयास .
Ex- If we are just spinning our wheels, we can not get anything extraordinary.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017] Q .7. Put one’s foot down
1) Give up easily without a fight
2) Learn to dance in spite of being clumsy
3) Adopt a firm policy when faced with opposition or disobedience
4) Take the first step of a very long difficult journey
Correct Answer: (3)
Explanation :- फैसले में स्थिर या अनम्य होना , विरोध या असहमति के साथ सामना करते समय एक दृढ़ नीति को अपनाना.
Ex- If you want to make your child obedient, you’ll have to put your foot down.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017] Q .8. Whistle in the dark
1) Pretend to be unafraid
2) A ray of hope in the worst of times
3) See a ghost while dreaming
4) Be blind and fall into a trap
Correct Answer: (1)
Explanation :- बहादुरी का नाटक करना , निर्भीक होने का नाटक करना.
Ex- I know everything, do not whistle in the dark.

[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017] Q .9. The alpha and the omega
1) Happy and sad
2) The beginning and the end
3) The love and the hatred
4) Truth and dare
Correct Answer: (2)
Explanation :- शुरुआत और अंत
Ex- you need to know the alpha and omega of the textbook.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 06-08-2017] Q .10. Throw up the sponge
1) To attack
2) To laugh at someone
3) To surrender
4) To talk loudly
Correct Answer: To surrender
Explanation :- घुटने टेकना.
Ex- I will not throw up the sponge unless I pass the exam.

[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 08-08-2017] Q.11. To put a spoke in one’s wheel
1) To be advantageous at the time of difficulty
2) To maintain under all circumstances
3) To blame the other party
4) To put a difficulty in the way of progress
Correct Answer: (4)
Explanation :- प्रगति के रास्ते में कठिनाई डालना.
Ex- His refusal for the funding of our project really put a spoke in our wheels.
Q.12. At loggerheads [SSC CGL 08-08-2017] Options:
1) To suffer
2) In conflict with someone
3) To face tough competition
4) To be in do or die situation
Correct Answer: (2)
Explanation :- किसी के साथ संघर्ष या टकराव की स्थिति में होना.
Ex- They are at loggerheads over the best way to lead the committee.
[SSC CGL 2017 Idiom/Phrase 08-08-2017] Q. 13. A wild goose chase
1) Fruitful search
2) Timely search
3) Useless search
4) Wrong decision
Correct Answer: Useless search
Explanation:- बेकार की खोज या किसी येसी चीज की खोज जो वास्तव में है ही नही ex- I have been on a wild goose chase trying to find her lost watch.

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