SSC CHSL Chemistry Question paper PDF Download

SSC CHSL Chemistry Question paper PDF Download :- 131Qs

Exam was conducted from 04 March to 28 March 2018 :- 131 Qs

Q.1:- Which of the following statement(s) is/are CORRECT?
I. Bakelite is a good conductor of heat.
II. Bakelite is a poor conductor of electricity.
III. Bakelite can be softened by heating.
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा/से कथन सही है/हैं?
I. बैकेलाइट ऊष्मा का सुचालक होता है।
II. बैकेलाइट विद्युत का कुचालक होता है।
III. बैकेलाइट को ऊष्मा द्वारा नर्म किया जा सकता है। [4-March-2018] Options:
1) Only I and II केवल I तथा II
2) Only I and III केवल I तथा III
3) Only II केवल II
4) All I, II and III I, II तथा III सभी
Correct Answer: Only II केवल II
Bakelite due to its high resistance to electricity and heat is used in automotive components and industrial applications. Due to its excellent insulating properties it is used for making switches and other electrical appliances.

Q.2:- Which of the following has minimum ignition temperature?
निम्नलिखित में से किसका ज्वलन ताप सबसे कम है?
[4-March-2018] Options:
1) Petrol
2) Plastic
3) Wood
4) Paper
Correct Answer: Petrol
The minimum temperature at which a substance starts to burn is called its ignition temperature. Different fuels have different ignition temperatures. The fuels that have low ignition temperature are highly inflammable and burn quickly at the spark of fire.

Q.3:- How CNG is a cleaner fuel?
I. It produces oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen in very small amounts.
II. It makes environment less polluted.
III. It emits less greenhouse gases.
सीएनजी एक स्वच्छ ईधन कैसे है?
I. यह सल्फर तथा नाइट्रोजन के ऑक्साइड का उत्पादन अल्प मात्रा में करती है।
II. यह वातावरण को कम प्रदूषित बनाती है।
III. यह कम ग्रीनहाउस गैस उत्सर्जित करती है। [4-March-2018] Options:
1) Only I and II
केवल I तथा II
2) Only II and III
केवल II तथा III
3) Only I and III
केवल I तथा III
4) All I, II and III
I, II तथा III सभी
Correct Answer: All I, II and III
I, II तथा III सभी
Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the cleanest burning transportation fuel on the market today. CNG burns cleaner than petroleum based products because of its lower carbon content. CNG produces the fewest emissions of all other fuels and contains significantly less pollutants than gasoline

Q.4:- In a compound the elements are always present in definite proportions by ______.
किसी भी यौगिक में तत्व सदैव एक निश्चित ______ के अनुपात में विधमान होते है। [4-March-2018] Options:
1) mass
2) volume
3) size
4) No option is correct.
कोई विकल्प सही नहीं है।
Correct Answer: mass
The law of definite proportion, sometimes called Proust’s law or the law of definite composition, or law of constant composition states that a given chemical compound always contains its component elements in fixed ratio (by mass) and does not depend on its source and method of preparation.

Q.5:- The first step of process of nutrition is the breakdown of glucose into a three-carbon molecule called ______.
पोषण प्रक्रम का पहला चरण ग्लूकोज़ का एक तीन कार्बन वाले अणु, ______ मे खंडन है।
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) pyruvate
2) propanol
3) propane
4) methanol
Correct Answer: pyruvate
In glycolysis, a six-carbon glucose molecule is split into two three-carbon molecules called pyruvate. These carbon molecules are oxidized into NADH and ATP.

Pyruvate the conjugate base, CH3COCOO−, is a key intermediate in several metabolic pathways. Pyruvic acid can be made from glucose through glycolysis, converted back to carbohydrates (such as glucose) via gluconeogenesis, or to fatty acids through a reaction with acetyl-CoA.

Pyruvic acid supplies energy to cells through the citric acid cycle (also known as the Krebs cycle) when oxygen is present (aerobic respiration), and alternatively ferments to produce lactate when oxygen is lacking (lactic acid fermentation).

Q.6:- Which of the following can be beaten and converted into thin sheets?
निम्नलिखित में से किसको पीटकर पतली चादर में परिवर्तित किया जा सकता है?
[5-March-2018] Options:
1) Zinc
2) Phosphorus
3) Sulphur
4) Oxygen
Correct Answer: Zinc

Q.7:- Which of the following statements are CORRECT?
I. Melamine is a Thermosetting plastic.
II. It resists fire.
III It is a poor conductor of heat.
निम्नलिखित में से कौन से कथन सही है?
I. मेलामाइन एक थर्मोसेटिंग प्लास्टिक है।
II. यह आग का प्रतिरोध करता है।
III. यह उष्मा का कुचालक है। [5-March-2018] Options:
1) Only I and II
केवल I तथा II
2) Only I and III
केवल I तथा III
3) Only II and III
केवल II तथा III
4) All I, II and III
I, II तथा III सभी
Correct Answer: All I, II and III
I, II तथा III सभी
Melamine is a chemical compound that has a number of industrial uses, including the production of laminates, glues, dinnerware, adhesives, molding compounds, coatings and flame retardants. Melamine is a name used both for the chemical and for the plastic made from it.

Melamine resin or melamine formaldehyde (also shortened to melamine) is a hard, thermosetting plastic material made from melamine and formaldehyde by polymerization. In its butylated form, it is dissolved in n-butanol and xylene.

Q.8:- Which of the following is man-made fibre?
निम्नलिखित में से मानव निर्मिर्त रेशा कौन सा है?
[6-March-2018] Options:
1) Cotton
2) Wool
3) Silk
4) Nylon
Correct Answer: Nylon
Fibre that is made artificially, such as polyester or rayon, rather than occurring naturally, like cotton or wool. yarn spun from Chinese cotton or man-made fibre.


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