SSC CPO 2017 Sentence Improvement with PDF Download

SSC CPO 2017 Sentence Improvement :- 70 Questions

Q. 1:- (Having had) in the USA Embassy for a long time, Mr. Gupta has met many prominent personalities.
1) He has been
2) Having been
3) Had he been
4) no improvement
Having been warned of danger , I hired extra security for my family.
Correct Answer: Having been
Having had breakfast in the morning we didn’t need to eat again.
Structure- “had + subject + been” – for conditional sentences.
Ex- If he had been here, he could have helped us. (Had he been here, he could have helped us.)

Q.2 :- The guest stood quietly for (few) moments.
1) a few moments
2) the few moments
3) few time
4) no improvement
Correct Answer: a few moments
Explanation:- Few = not many / almost none (negative). A few = some. (positive) The few = not many, but all of those.

Q.3 :- He has been working (off and on) for several years on this theory.
1) regularly
2) on or off
3) on and off
4) no improvement
He worked off and on as a part time sweeper, but he never found permanent work.
Correct Answer: NO INPROVEMENT
Explanation:- If something happens “on and off”, or “off and on”, it happens occasionally, not in a regular or continuous way.

Q.4 :- Neha was too clever to (see through Rohan’s tricks).
1) see at Rohan’s tricks.
2) see into Rohan’s tricks.
3) see Rohan’s tricks.
4) no improvement
Correct Answer: no improvement
Explanation: – too….to – इतना ….. कि. Ex- He is too proud to beg. (He is so proud that he will not beg.)
“see through” – detect the true nature of, स्वभाव जानना, अंजाम देना.

SSC CPO 2017 Sentence Improvement

Q.5 :- (No sooner I saw) the lizard than I ran away.
1) As soon as I saw
2) No sooner I had seen
3) No sooner did I see
4) no improvement
No sooner had we heard the noise than we went to the spot.
Correct Answer: No sooner did I see
Explanation:- when sentence starts with following expressions , use inversion (verb before subject) : –
Seldom, never, hardly, rarely, scarcely, no sooner, etc. ex – we seldom get the chance to go to the cinema.
Seldom did we buy such expensive dress.

Q.6 :- I am definitely late, the bus (will have left) the bus stop by the time I reach there.
1) would have left
2) will be leaving
3) will leave
4) no improvement
Correct answer: no improvement
Explanation: – ex – The sun will have set by the time I get home. You will have finished by the time I am ready. (would have left )

SSC CPO 2017 Sentence Improvement

Q.7 :- The police (broke away) the concert as it turned violent.
1) broke through
2) broke up
3) broke off
4) no improvement
The government decided to break-up the demonstrations to save the common people..
Correct Answer: broke up
Explanation: – break away- escape from someone’s hold.. Break through – achieve success in a particular area. break up – disintegrate or disperse..
Break off – abruptly stop talking.

Q. 8:- Reena cannot (put forth) with her nasty fellow.
1) put in
2) put out
3) put up
4) no improvement
I can’t put up with it any longer.
Correct Answer: put up
Explanation:- put forth- to make a suggestion . put in – interrupt in a conversation or discussion. put out – upset or annoy someone. put up with- tolerate; endure.
Ex – I can’t put up with it any longer. (nasty – बुरा. Fellow – साथी)

SSC CPO 2017 Sentence Improvement

Q.9 :- Rohit (did many mischiefs).
1) committed many mischiefs
2) made many a mischiefs
3) made much mischiefs
4) no improvement
Correct Answer: committed many mischiefs
Explanation: – “commit” – perpetrate or carry out (a mistake, crime, or immoral act). A number of – several
He is suspected of having committed a number of robberies.

Q. 10:- The kid jumped with delight on seeing the (joker) at the circus.
1) dud
2) ruffian
3) clown
4) no improvement
Correct Answer: clown
Explanation:- Joker – a person who is fond of joking. Dud – व्यर्थ, असफल व्यक्ति या निक्कम्मा आदमी, unsatisfactory or worthless. Ruffian – बदमाश, a violent person.
Clown- a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated make-up.

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