SSC CPO 2019 Biology (9 Dec to 13 Dec) PDF Download

SSC CPO 2019 Biology PDF Download

The exam was conducted from 9 December to 13 December 2019

Total:- 33 Questions

Q.5:- In the plant kingdom, ‘Ferns and Fern allies’ belong to which group?

पौधे जगत में, ‘फर्न और फर्न सहयोगी’ किस समूह से संबंधित हैं? [09 Dec. CPO 2019 Mor Shift]

1. Gymnosperms / जिम्नोस्पर्म से

2. Thallophyta / थैलोफ़ाइटा से

3. Bryophyta / ब्रायोफाइटा से

4. Pteridophyta / टेरीडोफ़ाइटा से

Correct Answer:- Pteridophyta / टेरीडोफ़ाइटा से


Pteridophytes (Ferns and fern allies) are vascular plants and have leaves (known as fronds), roots and sometimes true stems, and tree ferns have full trunks. Examples include ferns, horsetails and club-mosses. Fronds in the largest species of ferns can reach some six metres in length!

Q.6:- Which one of the following is a distinctive characteristic of angiosperm?

निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा एंजियोस्पर्म की एक विशिष्ट विशेषता है? 

[09 Dec. CPO 2019 Mor Shift]

1. Thick bark / मोटी छाल

2. Small roots / छोटी जड़ें

3. Long leaf / लंबा पत्ता

4. Concealed seeds / संगुप्त बीज

Correct Answer:- Concealed seeds / संगुप्त बीज

Comment:- Angiosperm is a synonym for flowering plant. It means “seed within a vessel” or “enclosed seed.” The defining angiosperm feature is the enclosure of the ovules

within surrounding tissue called an ovary. The ovary is part of a flower, a structure

that occurs only in angiosperms.


Q.7:- Identify the organ which is located on both sides in the human body.

मानव शरीर में दोनों तरफ स्थित अंग को पहचानें। [09 Dec. CPO 2019 Eve Shift]

1. Spleen / प्लीहा

2. Liver / यकृत

3. Kidney / वृक्क

4. Bladder / मूत्राशय

Correct Answer:- Kidney / वृक्क

Comment:- The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located at the back of the abdominal cavity, one on each side of the spinal column ,others are Lungs ,Eyes.


Q.8:- Colour of the plants is green due to the presence of:

पौधों की उपस्थिति की वजह से पौधों का रंग हरा है: [09 Dec. CPO 2019 Eve Shift]

1. Chlorophyll / क्लोरोफिल

2. Urea / यूरिया

3. Carbon dioxide / कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड

4. Oxygen / ऑक्सीजन

Correct Answer:- Chlorophyll / क्लोरोफिल

Comment:- Plants are green because their cells contain chloroplasts which have the pigment chlorophyll which absorbs deep-blue and red light, so that the rest of the sunlight spectrum is being reflected, causing the plant to look green.


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