SSC GK in English Mock Test-6

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SSC GK in English Mock Test-6

GK online Mock Test-6 has 25 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.
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1.The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low


2.When a gas is turned into a liquid, the process is called-


3.Indian Constitution was amended for the first time in :


4.A multicellular organism grows by ____________.


5.In which culture the earliest evidence of silver in India is found?


6.______ is the official language of Nagaland.


7.By centrifugal action we can separate particles of different


8.The number of physiographic divisions of India is


9.Which one of the following acrosome is associated?


10.Who was the court poet of Harsha-vardhana?


11.Which one of the following materials is very hard and very ductile?


12.Which of the following Five year Plans set the lowest growth target?


13.Who among the following Mughal kings had sent Raj Ram Mohan Roy as his envoy to London?


14.What is the SI unit of temperature?


15.In Excel All macro keyboard shortcuts include the _____________ key.


16.Magnetite is an ore/mineral of


17.Which of the following taxes is exclusively and totally assigned to the Central Government by the Constitution


18.The growing of plants under soilless condition is called


19.The unit of temperature adopted by the SI (international system of units) is the celcius and Kelvin scales. It is based on the


20.The Civil Disobedience Movement had been led in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) by


21.The people who migrated from the region of the Caspian sea were called


22.Tendons attach


23.The largest reserve of mica is in


24.Which of the following regions in India is more prone to earthquakes?


25.The interface of data from a CPU to peripheral devices of a computer is achieved through



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